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Shooter is a highly accurate ballistics calculator with a clean, intuitive and polished user interface that places itself far ahead of the competition. Shooter has been used repeatedly to put shooters in top positions at shooting competitions and by police snipers across the globe.* Extremely accurate, fast and proven ballistics solver created by Berger Bullet's chief ballistician and champion shooter Bryan Litz
* Save firearm and ammo data as profiles so you don't have to keep entering the same data over and over each time you want a calculation
* Enter and manage all your firearm/ammo data online using your PC at at no extra charge
* Online backup included at no extra charge
* Graphical wind dial for easy wind speed/angle input
* Built-in large bullet library to make it simpler to add your ammo profiles
* Trajectory and windage graphs including the ability to compare multiple loads in one graph
* Supports Coriolis Effect and Spin Drift calculations; Can get your Latitude for Coriolis Effect using GPS.
* Automatic-atmosphere input using your GPS location and nearest weather station
* Zero-atmosphere support. This will auto-account for changes to your zero when shooting in a different atmosphere
* Solution HUD screen which allows for extremely quick and easy changing of shot distance, wind or lead speed
* Email trajectory table output
* Free Bluetooth Kestrel Weather Meter plugin available
* Full metric support
* Includes dark theme for night shooting
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